Yes, In 2011, the Scientific Methodological Council for the Protection and Restoration of Monuments of Archeology – Friends, we are now at the second location. We took a ladder because the building has a tricky well. We will start from the basement and head over to the attic. I hope the second location is going to bring a small lock. – This is the building right behind us. – This place is being sold for $350,000, a few more treasures, and I’m going to buy this place and restore it – Alex, the building is right behind us. – Yeah, I know. I found out the information. – Let’s go -We are like the Odessa gangsters – We walked around from the other side, and now we will be thinking how to sneak inside. – Yeah, I already see the place we’re gonna be using the ladder. This building was built in 1910

The special thing about this building is that it has the special shape of a well and the first floors are in the basement. We took some special equipment with us. It’s Rob’s letter. – This house belonged to Elena Dolgova. Elena Dolgova, we are begging you to give us treasures – France, and in this video, we are having a giveaway from Alex. This metal detector and some other stuff – To take part in the giveaway, you have to subscribe to our channel, subscribe to Alexis Instagram, and write down the most original comment about why are these huge abandoned buildings standing in the center of the city.

Announcing the Winners

We will be announcing the winners on our Instagram in one week. Good luck to everyone and win metal detectors from Alex Comrade. We walked around from the other side, and now we’re going to be trying to sneak in from the backyard Year 1910, the family of Chudnow built this mansion. There is a huge hole down here, and we will be using the ladder to go down. And this place is abandoned for more than 30 years. Type the letter up and see if it even reaches. – And we just started our letter at it fits perfectly – Why does it smell shit here? – Because homeless people shit here – tie and let’s go down. – And how should I do it, so it doesn’t get stolen? – Tie it very hard – I will cast a spell on it, and nobody will be able to steal it.

Hold this. – I’m holding – How can we explain the thing that this house is on fire pit? – This is because this new building was built on a pile of some trash, and they put a retaining wall here – I wasn’t here before, and this was the part of the street. This is where the carriages drove in -The pitman lived there – I think we should tie it to the window, so it doesn’t get stolen. – Come on, dive in – How should we tired, so the homeless people don’t steal it?– Is it dangerous? – It can hold 300 kg. – Ilya, can you do it? – I hope so – It’s fraying already. – Alex, don’t be scared – Will you catch it? – Comrade, don’t shout. – I’ve got Yes friends, we are going down an abandoned building to find some treasures. And we have to be very careful because city life is surrounding us and we can get into trouble – pull it towards yourself a little bit, don’t spin it.

Right Path

Are you holding? – Yes, don’t fall – Dimitriy, how was it going down before? – Why is he so scared? – Because it’s terrifying here – France, we are doing all of this for you. – Something bad happened here, zoom on me – The path is open, come on. Are you making it? – Get over here, honey. – Let me go – Sus, let me go. What the hell? – We’ve got some trouble here. – Did you catch the metal detector? – A little bit – Holy shit. Yeah, you said you were going to catch it – I don’t care about the metal detector.

I care about the latter. – Guys, we will tie the ladder down here so they will be able to steal it. The only thing they can do is throw the ladder down – That’s it, and now nobody is going to be able to take it. – This is how smart I am – A man could be stupid, but he hits hard with his fist, and in one moment, we ended up down in this well – While they are dealing with their metal detector, we are now going to be looking hot in the waiting. That’s why we took some special keys now it’s all up to me. The master key is on – Sus, thank you that you show all of this to me.

Final Word

I know places in other towns, and now you’re going to be showing me all of this in care. – Thanks to me for what? – You are going to open this up for us. I will find treasures – 10% for charity. Always give away 10% for charity – And the older times people were allowed to have guns. And now all of this is banned so that law enforcement agencies can do this to people – That’s why you have to make self-made guns at home.– How are we going to get inside. – Leave this to me – You can’t whistle after you get your new teeth “honor your mother” – We found out that there is an entrance right after this metal plate – That said, we are in? -yes – Let’s have a look around the house and classify the value of this place. And then look for treasures. –