Okay, I’m going to try and make this quick, but I don’t think it will go quickly. Um, I’m going to talk about my favorite books of 2020. It is Christmas eve, so just over a week left of 2020. Let’s talk about all of the amazing books that I read this year um I’m going to talk about my 10 favorite books, and then I have like 30 runners-up or something like that. No, it’s like maybe 20.   exaggerating um as of today, I think I have read 125 books this year, which is the most that I’ve ever read in a year. Um turns out getting laid off and being depressed and having nothing to do with your time is really good for your GoodReads to cool, so yeah, let’s start with the book that oh should I start with my favorite or should I let’s leave the favorite for last even though we know what it is um the rest of these aren’t in any order so let’s grab let’s start with this I have not wrapped this book up yet.

I read it this month. That’s the legend born by Tracy down. Um, this is a masterpiece. It’s so much damn fun. It is an Arthurian legend centered around colonialism and root magic and ancestry and black girl magic literally. It is so good Arthurian legends are one of my favorite things globally, and this knocked it out of the park. I’m so excited for the sequel. I loved this, and I knew I would. I knew I was going to love it so much, so so glad then let’s talk about I’m going to talk about the ones that I own first, and then we’ll go on to the   ones that I don’t own next let’s talk about red white and royal blue by Casey McQuiston I said this when

i read it in april think it was april i don’t know i truly was not   expecting to love this i thought it that it was just over hyped and that i was going to   read it and be like yeah it was okay um and it blew me away it is so incredible   at least once a month i go i should read i should reread red white and royal blue   but it hurts too much to do that but this is incredible and it is hyped up for a reason   the critiques are valid but it is hyped up for a reason next let’s talk about   the seep by chana porter i’ve been seeped um this is just incredible i read this i think this might   have been the first book that i read in lockdown so the first book of the pandemic that i read   and it was the perfect book and the perfect time to read it the prologue was so comforting   seeing as it’s written about like the end of the world   how to throw a dinner party at the end of the world like   name a more poignant and like beautiful idea um this is incredible if you haven’t read it yet   it is top tier sci-fi i love it so very much and chana is an angel so   go support her next let’s talk about plain bad heroines by emily m danforth

I have a whole video on this to go too in-depth, but I loved this so much. The experience of reading it was such a good time. The story is ah my laptop the story is lovely. I love this book to bits, and I hope that more people read it in the future. Watch my review next. We ride upon sticks by Quan barry sage really did knock it out of the park on this one,e um, because it made it into my top 10. um again, I have a whole video on this so much fun, which is field hockey female friendships. It was a great book to wrap up start wrapping up the year with. I’m very, very glad that it made it onto the list; I just realized that legend born is technically not in my top 10, but it’s fine. We’ll leave it um next. I don’t own a copy. Unfortunately, I will own a copy at some point, and that’s riot baby by tochi onyebuchi god. This book is incredible; I truly think that tochi onyebuchi is one of the most creative and smart humans on the planet. His mind amazes me.

I would love to pick his brain truly. This is an incredibly timely piece, and it is just beautifully written. It’s terrifying. It’s heartbreaking. I love it so much. It is so incredible. Let’s talk about the accident of being lost by Leanne betasamasake Simpson. Unfortunately, I do not own a copy of this yet. Um god, it’s just so good. I had never connected to an anthology in such a way before the way that each of these stories and each of these songs and poems spoke to me and like truly spoke to me in such a deep sense like in my bones oh my god so beautiful I felt so seen while reading it. I cannot wait to reread it whenever I want. I don’t have my copy, unfortunately, um, I lent it to a friend. She’s not done with it, unfortunately, but that is my damn baby. You should see me in a crown by Leah johnson. What more can I say about this? It is perfection in a novel. It is everything.