Mini Militia Mod APK


How do you play mini militia?

You need to play this type to play a mini militia game with your friends. Create a Wi-Fi hotspot ask your friend to connect with your device using Wi-Fi open gain 2 multiplayer option 10 select LAN Wi-Fi I didn’t test to match you need to host by selecting the host option and now start the game.

In which language Mini militia is written?

Which programming language is used for mini Malaysia the answer is on the Android platform is written in Java in iOS is Swift and objective.

When was Mini militia made?

Mini militia Android made on April 5th 2011.

What is the meaning of the GG Mini militia?

Mini militia Android game GG stands for a good game.

Does Mini militia support the gamepad?

No mini militia game is not supporting any gamepad. Maybe it will spot in the future.

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