Kundali Bhagya Preview 04 April 2021 Who is Akshay Murderer The needle of suspicion on Preeta The name of the murderer is coming with a Big twist – Kundali Bhagya Preview

Mahesh celebrates Holi with Rakhi and wishes her. As a daughter-in-law of Luthra, she is bound to fulfill few duties because without him she doesn’t want to celebrate Holi. Her message to him is that she misses him terribly and she wants to celebrate Holi with him.

Her question had not been answered yet, so Karan caught her. He asked her what she meant. He said she would be fat when he met her and laughed at her. She says it used to be said that people become fat when they fall in love. He wants to find out how she became this romantic. When Dadi calls Preeta, she runs away. Mahira asks him what is he doing. The truth is only Preeta can see him, he says. She asks if he will kill anyone who hurts her.

Why is Sherlyn crying, Prithvi asks her. Her stomach was visible. He said she was pregnant so it was inevitable. His affection for her comes from the fact that she looks like him. Akshay was murdered. She asks about it. Having told her not to suspect him, he leaves. Rakhi instructs Sristy to help Preeta with arrangements.

On Holi Day, Karan laughs at her and wonders why she is talking about murder. Would she be able to apply color to him? When he applied the colour, Sameer interfered. Without anyone’s knowledge, and smirking, she applies color from Karan’s shirt.