Is it the larger original? .Yes, it’s forged, but it used to have oak pads before. They broke everything. This is all due to bad planning. They did this to make Soviet community apartments. Look at the condition of all of this. This is an old toilet color in orange. This is really an old building. Yeah, there is the sculpting. The floors and the windowsills, all these places can I have treasured. Holy shit, the remaining of the rooms where people lived. Somebody lives here for his whole life in poverty, and there were treasures right on his windowsill. Alex, how many kilos of gold can we find in this building? .we have two looks.

Times of the King

This is all ancient, from the times of the King. This is porcelain -So we have to look around. -Have a look around, go to the attic and to the room where we can start searching. So this room was not for the bourgeoisie. It was for formal people? .Yes.We have to head to the basement and the attic. Alex, where did you go? -Petrushka. Alex, what are you doing searches in old buildings? .Yes.And did you find something? .We found boxes from Montpelier, and there were coins and crosses. The day before we went to more than 10 houses and this one is in great condition. The doors are still here and the chandeliers too. The book is all eaten by rats. –in the courtyard of the military hut, our passports were taken away. There are actually two houses here.

And people still live on the first floor of the building . Interestingly, there is a camera over there and a camera looking onto the arch that leads to our building. Two cameras are looking at us. We don’t know if they are working. Friends, 2021 is coming, and it brings lots of interesting stuff for us. And one of them is warfare, A dynamic first-person shooter Millions of people play this game already. Warface has a lot of VVP and PVE content. For. People that like VVP can battle in a special mode in any part of the world. Even in Prypiat, The New Year is coming, and the developers have prepared two thematic maps where are you will be able to earn presents dedicated to the New Year. Also, Roy’s season is now on in the game, which enables special operations with the new game mechanics. In this game, the special operations are the toughest part of the game.

Available on Steam

So if you want to rip apart your enemy, then you should try it. Unlike other games or face has lots of different types of weapons: pistols, rifles, and machine guns. Now or face is also available on Steam. Using the link in the description, you will get a present and start playing using your favorite launcher, Friends. Even if you played your face before, you still have to download the game because it’s got a lot better with all the updates. Download the game by using my link, and you will get a present pack with lots of equipment. Get infected with the new year mood and start playing right now. This is the light window. So this is the back ladder, where the servants we are getting in? .It is the back later. The finishing is abysmal. Let’s head to the attic. Be careful not to fall.

About Gaps

This place is king-size.- We have to start searching here. Just look at the number of slings and embedded bars. The searches are going to take about two hours. And when we enter this place, you have to think where you would hide something after you stole it. And there can be guns and wallets hidden. And what about gaps? I like that one. You have to check anyplace you like, you can’t guess. The process is on. This is a nail -Is that a bullet? .Look at its shape -Comrade, what is this? .This is some old instrument. Is beautiful. I want to take it. Alex, what were the biggest treasures you witnessed people found? .Once, people found 48 Anensk rubles. They were all in one pot. This was in 2009. There was a real battle for those coins after that. They almost killed each other. How much do they cost? .$70,000.

Those coins were valuable. And does the happens that people don’t find anything for 10 years, and some newbie buys a metal detector and finds some treasure? .Yes, this is all luck. Why is that making that noise? .This is not to lose the metal detector. Press the button. The main thing is that you can find something at any moment. And you don’t need any experience for this at all – you can point of this sling, and golden coins may start falling out. And a lot of people were able to buy a range Rover? .Yes, if you know where to look. India, have you also got a range Rover? .No, but I am in the process of buying one. Foster dog .he’s got a Mercedes. E class.220 S class. – I’m still finishing getting my license. With a personal driver. There, not a personal driver. The driver is going to be. Nicely done. There is something big. The equipment is failing. It’s intense. A coin would be at the top. And what if you scan the whole place with some magical equipment? What could we find here?

Final Words

It could be anything. And even big treasures? .Yes, of course. But this doesn’t happen in one moment. The treasure can be hidden in brick, and then the building is taken down, and that brick goes for recycling, and the person who is doing the recycling will find the treasure. And there are lots of trousers? .Yes.hundreds? .thousands, people were living here for thousands of years, and lots of them were hiding treasures.