What’s up, RenderPeople! Guys, the topic we’re talking about today Where are the right clients, guys? I’ll tell you. I’ll be real. I’ll be honest with you. They are everywhere, ok? The right clients are, really, everywhere Sometimes. Actually, I’ll tell you what the real problem is Of not finding the right clients. Do you know what the problem? Sometimes, we don’t give them ita chance to meet them. Did you know that? “But what do you mean, Ander? I want to ask you something. How many times you, your office, at your house? Working as a freelancer. It doesn’t matter. Have you assisted clients who take days of work?

Unreasonable Discount for Client

Sometimes weeks, sometimes months? I already had clients who would take a year, ok? The whole year, and there is no problem if they take a whole year, you’re being paid for it. Still, I want to know How many times it already happened to you Of having a client who takes a huge time from you And is never satisfied with your work Who is rude sometimes, and asks for an unreasonable discount A ridiculous deadline and even takes too long to pay you Did it happen to you already? So, when I say That we, sometimes, don’t allow ourselves to find the right client Is because we are losing time with this kind of client So if you already suffered From any of these things I’m mentioning here, Probably it is because you already assisted Or, maybe, is still assisting the wrong clients Usually, those clients, they take up so much of your time And take up so much of your energy, that what happens?

There is no time left For you to get new clients There is no time left for you to think about your business But it is the biggest truth, so there is no time left For you to think about what really matters About evolving, about reaching new levels Have you ever been this situation? From the front of the computer, you go to bed. I don’t know if you already heard me telling this story from bed to the front of the computer, but I had this tiny room when I started working with 3m. First of all, it started in a small room at my mother’s house. Later I built an office at the side of my mother’s house. I mean, it was on the same lot. Actually, it was where the garage was. I made a little office there And then there was a spiral staircase, and my bedroom was above it. Look, I don’t know how much time I was inside it, But it was like a solitary cell because I would keep working, making renderings. Later, what would happen? I would make a rendering. Then here’s what I would say, at the time, It was still the Vray and a Pentium 4 computer.

Working Safely

I would render me. II would say, “It will be done in2 hours and 35 minutes” Then I would set my alarm. In 2 hours and 35 minutes, I have to wake up. This was, like midnight. Then at 2:35 am, the alarm would ring. I would go down the spiral staircase. I would put the render again, the other camera, I didn’t even know how to use Batch Render or anything. Then I would go to sleep again. Waiting for an hour. II would set it, I don’t know, to 3:35 am, and this is it A render’s salve, I was render’s slave, ok, guys? And if you’re working this way, It is ok to work this way, especially when we are still young. We are healthy. We have the disposition, energy. Still, the problem is when we are doing this To a client who doesn’t value us. You are not charging enough for this Here’s what I want to say If you already did this: from the front of the computer, from computer to bed From bed to computer, is that you’ll only start To assist the right clients when you detach from the wrong clients And how do we do this? I’m sure that the main reason For someone not to detach from this kind of client is that it is only one reason I’m sure that this is why. It is a lack of money. Why? Because the lack of money makes you really scared Of losing that client Even when they are the wrong client, right? It is almost like an atoxic relationship In which it is only good for the client, And it’s not good for you.

Still, it is because of the fear That you don’t run away from this client And here I want to give you an advice A way that, maybe, you can be less afraid Of finding yourself in this situation and not being able to get out of it, ok? And the advice I give you is to test it, be bold. How do you test it? How can you be bold? Let’s suppose that you, today, charge R$ 200 per rendering, ok? Let’s suppose that this is what you charge R$ 200 per ambient, R$ 200 per rendering. It doesn’t matter, and you already assist two or three clients Who are very used to pay you this much, But you improved your work. You are more and more professional. Your rendering is more realistic.

Last Word

You notice that what you are delivering is much better, And you strongly believe that your work is worth more than that. I suggest you make a list. Leave those two, three clients there, guys. It is very hard, to take these two, three clients that you assist And say this: “Look, tomorrow I’ll start charging R$ 300” It is very hard for them to pay you R$ 300 It can happen, but it is very hard So, here are the suggestion give you So you are not left in the dark By charging, maybe, R$300 and losing the client And if you are on a financial situation That doesn’t allow you to lose these clients What I would tell you to do Is to really make a list with, maybe, 10 new clients To send your portfolio and to make a prospection Or when you receive the first DM on Instagram Or a phone call, or an e-mail Or when you got a new project to quote You test it, test the price So, maybe, with his new client