And start up the PC by Spamming the delete button until you get to the BIOS menu again. Once you’re in the BIOS, Look for the “flash utility” button, In which you should see your thumb drive. From there, You can update the BIOS firmware. e Remove the thumb drive when you are done updating everything. Because both my CPU and GPU are from AMD, I can actually turn on Smart Access Memory Or SAM, for short! To do this, You need to go to the BIOS, And you need to go to “advanced mode” for BIOS. So under “advanced mode,” You go to settings IO ports, And you need to do 2 things. You need to enable “above 4G decoding”.

And set “re-size bar support” to auto Click “save and exit,” And SAM is set up! If your PC is brand new, Plugging that first thumb drive with the Windows installation media Is all you need to do. Still, if you already have Windows on your SSD, You can either boot up the PC from your SSD, Or you can install a fresh copy of Windows By going to the “boot sequence” And shifting the thumb drive to the priority slot. Once you’ve done all this, click save and exit the BIOS. The PC will restart, And your Windows installation should begin automatically. Remember to select “custom installation,” And you want to install Windows on to your SSD Here.

Gen 4 NVMe SSD

I’m gonna install it onto my Aorus Gen 4 NVMe SSD, Which I identified by its 500GB size. Follow the rest of the steps, And you’ll have Windows installed in no time. Once Windows is installed, You’ll need to install the rest of the drivers. If you’ve already downloaded all the motherboard drivers Into that second thumb drive, You can click on the files, and your drivers will be installed. If not, You can download it straight from the motherboard’s website Under the “support” section.

So I’m gonna need to get the latest drivers for the 6800 XT. To do this, I’m just gonna Google “6800 XT drivers,” And it’ll direct me to the AMD Radeon website, Where I can download the “AMD Radeon software” And this software will basically update all the drivers for me. After this, Go to “check for updates” in the Windows settings. To update Windows if need be One last thing you need to do! If you have a brand new HDD, You need to initialize it. Go to “disk management” in your Windows settings. Under “create and format hard disk partitions,” You will see all the storage options that you have Plugged into the PC On the disk labeled “unknown” Right-click and select “initialize the disk,” And you’re done with the software side!.

Thank you, Ashley, For teaching them about the software side. I feel you can get better performance. If you get a bigger case Or like- Taking out this stupid LED thing! Cos, I think that is like- Making it hotter For real?! Yeah, I think so! The acrylic is actually-Yeah I think so! The acrylic is actually- Maybe! The acrylic is actually- Because it’s stopping airflow acrylic is actually- Because it’s stopping airflow Ohhhh So it is getting a little bit hot Okay, so this is our first time doing A tutorial of Any sorts! And it was pretty freaking hard ah Like there were so many different moving parts, and There were just so many things for us to put together. So props to Julian He did a really, really good job Of putting everything together. It was hard.

So Yeah! At the end of the day, We hope that we go through these struggles So that you don’t have to go through Any of the struggles at all So. If we’ve missed anything out, let us know in the comments section What you would like to see in the future, And we will most probably do an updated version of this tutorial. Shortly Cos this is a high-end AMD, We can do a low-end, We can do a mid-range, And then we can do like Even higher HIGHER, The highest of the highest! You still got 6900 XT, Leh!The highest of the highest of the highest! You still got 6900 XT, Leh! Ya still got 6900 XT, So you’ve been building PCs for so long, right, Ju?

PCI-E extension

But then like What is one thing that you learned from this PC build in particular? You know, starting this channel, We get to use high-end motherboards. This is the X570 Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme, And it has many features I never knew I wanted, But now you do! Yeah! So like the… Um, Voltage measurements Made really easy Other motherboards have 10G extension PCI-E extension This has it in the board, So it has 10G It has wifi It’s a bit counter-productive to have both, But it has! If you want both, you can have both ah! So this board, I would say, is An overclocker’s dream. You have almost everything. Is it not considered the best of both worlds? It is the best of both worlds, But as I said, Price ah It’s $900 online, But yeah I did put in a lot of alternative parts, So I hope you guys appreciate that I guess I think we’re done I guess We’re done Thank you so much for watching!