So that’s it mga ka-sharing I received here at my email the notification from Binance, saying that I already received the payout that I deposited in my Binance account. I received 99 USDT. That was December 26, 2020, At 6:06 pm, So this website is legit. Good news for the free users.  So while you are doing your task from today, you have your free 10 days. All the accumulated earnings here within 10 days is available for withdrawal to, let’s say, for example, there are 5 tasks per day for free users.

For free users, you have 5 tasks per day and per task is 0.1 USDT. So you have 0.5 USDT per day, and you have free 10 days. That is 5 dollars, and you need to withdraw, that let’s say, for example, your first withdrawal is Its limit is 1 USDT The second withdrawal new limit is 2 USDT and your third withdrawal limit is 3 USDT. So you have 5 dollars free that you can claim without fees. After 10 days, you need to upgrade if you want to earn in the app goods, So what are you waiting for? Grab now the opportunity. This starts on December 27, which is today. So those who are not yet registered, register immediately for today’s video.

Withdrawal Record from Website

I have a website to share with you where we only need to like a Facebook post or Facebook page,  and we can immediately earn. And I also have my proof of payout. Please don’t skip any part of the video, so you will learn how I did it. So we are here at my withdrawal record from this website. On December 22, I withdrew 9 USD. Then, what I showed you earlier was my withdrawal on December 26. I processed from 10:10 am because the withdrawal time is 9 am to 10 pm. Okay. So we have a set time to withdraw. 9 am to 10 pm. So I processed it at 10:10 am then I received it at 1:06 pm. So, I waited for 3 hours to receive my 99 USDT. So this video is all about App good. So I know some of you already viewed the first part of the video Or part one of my video about Appgood where it gave the step by step guide on what to do in App good from the very start. So if you did not watch it yet, but you are interested in App good. You can watch it, and the link is on the video description.

In the first part of the App good video, I only introduced ways of earning on the Tiktok. So if you do not have a Tiktok because not everyone has a Tiktok account, you can earn one on Facebook. So click this one in the upper right, “Facebook”  So That’s it. All we need to do is very simple. You have to like the video, then we earn. So, I’ll show you. I’m already on level 3. After you signed up, you will be automatically on level 0, 5 tasks per day, and the task is 0.10 USDT. So you can purchase level 1, which is 20 USDT, which is 11 tasks per day, and that is 0.10 USDT per task. And level 2 costs 120 USDT and 33 tasks per day, which is 0.20 USDT per task. So I am here at level 3, which costs 230 USDT, but I have 44 tasks per day, which is 0.30 USDT per task. So basically, every day, my fixed earning from App good, 0.30 *44, that’s every day 13.2 USDT. My lowest-earning here at App is good. Okay, so that’s it. If you like to know or see the packages, again, it was flashed on the first part of my video.

The Video

So let’s go to the task. So if you don’t like Tiktok because you don’t have Tiktok, you can use your Facebook. So, I know that many of us have a Facebook account, and we can earn there. It is straightforward. You have to click again and accept it.  Again, in my first video, all the steps are there on how to use this. Okay, so it’s really very simple. So, I’m here at the tasks. Let’s click the accept. After we click the accept, we are routed directly to the in progress. The only thing you need to do is click on the video, and you are routed to a page on Facebook that has a video. After that, what you have to do is watch the video for 10 seconds and click like, then go back to App good app, then click on submit. Sometimes it does not show the “submit,” but I still click it, and it is still okay.

Last Word

Okay, so let’s do it again. Facebook Sometimes in Tiktok, even though  I did not log in to my account, it is still okay. Sometimes I can’t log in, but it Is still credited, so it’s still okay. And then go back. Then click again. And there. It goes under review. There are still two left. I finished the other tasks on Facebook. Okay, so this is how easy this works. And if we refresh it, this is no my balance. Now it’s 5.75 USD. So if you withdraw, the withdrawal time is from 9 am to 10 pm. So now I will teach you how to upgrade. If you want to upgrade, it’s straightforward, click upgrade VIP or just put go to the member, then click upgrade immediately. So, that’s it. Upgrade immediately here