Hello, investors, it’s Petko Aleksandrov, and I continue now from my Coinbase account, and I will show you the recent transactions that I have from my account. So I have sold the Ripple. I will tell you in a second why I did. And then I have bought the DNT, and as well, I have bought that Yearn. Finance or is known as the YFI, and that one is on a profit at the moment very nicely. So let me show you the current setup that I have with the Bitcoin on my trading view chart. So this is what we had after the price bounced out of the 18 500. OK, here it was with my last video, and then what happened? Boom! The price bounced out of the 8 500, and it dropped dramatically to $1300. You can see it stopped at the 17 200.

Bitcoin in 2020

And actually, yesterday, I recorded a video from my car while I was traveling because many of the students and our followers asked me if this will be the top for Bitcoin in 2020. I cannot say that honestly. I see solid Bitcoin for the last months, a very bullish trend. If I zoom out, you will see what it’s just going up, guys, but it’s just going up. But to be honest, I find it a strong weakness because we see the drops, but they usually do not happen on the top. OK, usually we see some sideways movement, then a pullback, which is a very normal retracement. We saw that so many times. Right? But what is different this time? You can see that the price just bounced out of the 18 500 and dropped immediately down to 7 200. So that’s a massive sell-off that we had on the market. And definitely, it is a sign of weakness for Bitcoin.

Now, today, it’s trying to break again the 18 500. Still, we didn’t have an hourly candle closing above the 18 400. And we will see what will happen if the price drops lower. It might turn to a negative downtrend, and there is a chance that this will be the top for 2020. We are in mid-November right now; actually, 20-21st will be tomorrow, so we’ll see how it will go by the end of the year. But I am very strict with the system, and I had 2 more entries right over here. OK, let me show you where were I, right here. I had one more Counter Trendline, honestly. It was right through this top right here. But then I didn’t have the failure, OK? I had an impulsive break, but you see that this low is lower than that one. So I didn’t see a failure of the recent low right over here in this zone. So this Counter Trendline didn’t work for me. And after that, I had that Counter Trendline where I had an impulsive break. So I took one more time DNT and the YFI had I took it at a very nice price, honestly, about 20 000 EUR. Yeah, that’s expensive because, at the moment, that is the token that is more expensive than the Bitcoin. Let me go to the chart. So here it is. You can see what it did during 2020.

Bitcoins for some reason

It reached up to 72 000. This is Bulgarian Lev one more time, guys, not to make it confused. So 72 Bulgarian Lev is about 40 000 EUR, I think. And then it dropped. And what I have for the current last one month is a very bullish trend. So I wanted to be part of it, and I bought it at about 40 000 Bulgarian Lev, and today it is already 47 000. So looking at the yearly chart, I believe there is a lot of potentials to go higher. And you can see that just the early chart turned positive, or we are in an uptrend right over here. So we’ll see how that goes. And what I had as well was the DNT. Yeah, with the DNT, as you know already, it’s one of the top gainers that I’m looking at at the moment. I just wanted to have a better average price if I go to the chart.

You will see how it’s on monthly I see it very close to the support levels right here, so I decided to buy one more piece and to have a better average price right there. OK, what I did, as I shared already, I have sold the Ripple, and the why I did that because I just wanted to lower a little bit the risk after this drop. All right? Because definitely, I find it a weakness as probably the huge, guys, have sold a lot of Bitcoins for some reason, someone was taking the profit. I don’t know. I don’t care. But I read the chart, and it shows me that there was a huge negative move on the Bitcoin, and we’ll see how it goes. As I have said, I am strict with the system.

Final Words

I just sold the Ripple that I had because I wanted to reduce the risk. It was on the profit of the Ripple. At the end of the cycle, I will show how much exactly is the profit with all the assets that I will be selling. And after that, I took these 2 entries that were just with my setup. All right? We’ll keep you, guys, updated. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Send me screenshots, send me anything you want me to have a look at, and I will be pleased to do that. Have a great day, and don’t forget to like that video and subscribe to our channel, where we will share more of our experience. Cheers.