On this channel, along with the Pros, Cons are also highlighted. I only work for the benefit of my viewers. Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, which I point to my viewers as none of the products is perfect. Toshiba & Hisense, the same Chinese company that manufactures both TVs. But this is also true that none of the foreign companies bring high-quality products in India, which they release abroad. Last time, the company had sent me Toshiba TV for review, but I told you about its cons & also released the video without their approval, which did not go down well with the company & it got pretty annoying. Friends, I make technical videos for your knowledge & help rather than form a beneficial bond with companies.

Negatively Publicity their Product

YouTube is not my profession, which I should treat as a business. It is my passion. Sharing my knowledge & expertise with you all makes me happy. I don’t aim to earn a million subscribers, rather derive satisfaction even if I can give the right guidance to only a few thousand. You must have watched umpteen videos, where only good is spoken about products. This is because companies send review units publicity on YouTube. They cannot endure any undesirable fact to come to the fore that can negatively publicity their product. To buy every product for review is beyond capacity. If you want me to purchase more products for honest reviews, you need to empower me by purchasing products through my links to buy more products for reviews and apprise you of their shortcomings.

I have repeatedly told in my videos that right now, in the budget category, Vu, Nokia, Toshiba, Motorola & Hisense TVs display the best picture quality. I have even carried out a real picture quality side-by-side comparison of these TVs. Many want to know my opinion on this newly launched 55-inch Hisense Tornado 4k TV, so today I bring you the real review of this TV. I have checked the performance of HisenseTornado pretty closely, and this in-depth review of mine is based on the same. You must have heard its Pros from several YouTubers, now is the time to hear about its cons. The built quality of this TV is pretty decent, with the ultra-slim bezel. At the bottom, a soundbar with a Black fabric finish has been fused in. The rear gets a plastic finish with a horizontal& vertical design on it. The TV has 3 HDMI & 2 USB ports along with dual-band Wi-Fi. Along with HDMI ARC, it also has HDMI CEC. It has a DLED backlighting & VA panel. It comes with HDR10, Dolby Vision & HLG support. Leaving aside the audio, all other specifications are similar to their previous models. This TV’s picture quality is good, but no improvement in picture quality from the previous models can be seen. The company stakes claim to more than 400Nits brightness, but the brightness lies somewhere near 360 Nits only in reality.

Fast Action

Though, in normal usage, the TV appears bright, the performance of HDR 10 & Dolby Vision fails to impress. However, considering it to be a budget category TV, the performance can be acceptable. Here, I would like to tell you that for an effective HDR10 & Dolby Vision performance, a brightness level of at least 1000 Nits is required. The Blacks on this TV are good, but they often tend to hide details in the scene. The color reproduction of this TV is not very good. As a wide color gamut goes missing on this TV, it falls short of creating multiple shades of any color. Because of this, color accuracy in these TVs not that good. On this TV, too, the Dirty Screen effect is pretty visible. Ultra-dimming in budget TVs is more of a marketing gimmickry as it fails to play any significant role in enhancing the picture quality, unlike local Dimming. Motion blur does not irritate while watching normal contents, but the 60 Hz refresh rate fails to impede it during fast-action scenes. MEMC, if at all, present in this TV, fails to stop the motion blur, thus exposing the hollow claim of the company. On a grey background, the backlighting peeping from sides becomes even more prominent, which does irritate a few times.

Coming to Chromecast! The non-compatibility of this TV with some phones is pretty annoying; however, the casting is smooth when connected to a phone. The upscaling capability of these Hisense TVs above average. 720p & 1080p videos do get up-scaled, but not anywhere close to a 4k resolution. Here, it would not be out of place to apprise you of the fact that none of the TVs upscale contents through the set-top box. When you connect a TV to any set-top box, to a large extent, the picture quality depends on the quality of transmission provided by that set-top box operator. For example, the TataSky HD box gives better performance than Dish TV, cable Network, or Airtel. If the transmission quality is bad, even the best TV will not give a good performance. If the service provider’s transmission is good, you will get the best performance on a TV having an inherent good picture quality. Sony X9500H TV works towards removing judder from even any external source playing 24p contents, but even that does not upscale contents through a set-top box. Upscaling works only through the internal hardware when you watch contents through USB or while playing OTT contents through the Internet. I have found some TVs in the budget category to have a perfect picture of upscaling capability.

Final Words

Now, coming to the USP of this TV! The 102W JBL speaker system gives some excellent performance. There is a crispness in dialogue delivery, and the audio is sufficiently loud too. However, if you think the 102W audio can replace a 100 Watts external soundbar, you are pretty mistaken. With deeper bass & more audio details, a 100Wseparate soundbar gives you far better audio quality than this integrated TV soundbar.