Manage those goals if you’re not taking the time to check in with the goals regularly enough. Maybe you use a separate planner or keep your goals written out in another notebook or somewhere on your computer. Suppose you’re not taking the time to look in those places and check-in, of course. In that case, you’re going to get derailed, you’re going to forget about it, you’re just going to get behind right, and that can be very demotivating, so this is one of the reasons why I use my charmed life master planner system which means that my projects and goals are already inside of my planner my central planner and calendar and plan that I use for the year are all in one place I don’t keep a separate goals binder or a goals planner or a notebook with my goals in it and projects in it everything stays in my planner so I have a direct line of sight.

Now I realize that maybe that doesn’t work for everyone. Still, I’m someone who if I have too many places I have to look or too many things I have to check, there’s a perfect chance that I’m not going to follow through on it, so I am someone who needs my projects, and my goals and all those breakdowns in my planner the charmed life master planner include all of the inserts that make that happen for me I’ll leave it linked down below now reason number six that you may not have achieved your goal last year is that you didn’t anticipate and make a plan to overcome obstacles look we’ve all lived our lives up into this point. We know that nothing gets done super quickly right the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Overcoming Obstacles

I believe there is the quote, and it’s very accurate that a lot of times, when we even make out a beautiful perfect plan, there are obstacles that come and block our way forward. Now I think, on the one hand, we always need to keep that in mind there’s still going to be obstacles. Still, some obstacles we actually could, if we took a little bit of time to think it through we, could even anticipate and plan for and have like a strategy ready to go in case I’m you know doing this goal, and this comes up right this is how I’m going to handle it because I think what ends up happening is if we don’t have that foresight if you’re not someone who’s used to overcoming obstacles and used to pushing through and making your goals happen.

If that’s not who you usually are, which I would assume if you’re someone who has plans that are being pushed off year after year, you might not be the best at being having that self-discipline and being accountable to yourself, so I think that when obstacles come up if we don’t have a plan um it makes it easy for us to give up and say oh I wasn’t meant to do this goal this was not the year for it. I think honestly. Many people used that issue that obstacle for 2020 as a reason why they just threw all their goals out for last year.

Anticipate Planing

I will say i think i was one of the few people that like i see on youtube who you know share their goals and things like that who didn’t like completely rewrite their plans for the new year um now i realize that there are some goals that people would have set that you know perhaps were just wholly not possible dur last year to get done but i think a lot of people just took the change last year and just said this is an obstacle and i don’t have any plan to overcome it none of us had a program or had any way to anticipate what happened in 2020 but i think that that’s a really good lesson for us to take with us into the future is that there are going to be things that we can see coming and anticipate maybe the things we hope don’t happen but we should always have a plan for them right when you fail to plan you plan to fail right um and then of course you need to have that mindset that obstacles things that you didn’t anticipate are going to block your way what are you gonna do in case something pops up that blocks your way having a plan.

Last Words

That journaling out those sorts of thoughts having those notes in with your action plans will make it much easier for you to continue making progress and moving forward in the ways that you can through those sorts of obstacles in the future reason number seven why you didn’t achieve your goal this is a big one you guys you didn’t take action I know and let me take a sip of coffee for this one I know that one stings a little bit right I think there are many many times where we have the best of intentions we lay out all of our plans we get super motivated at the beginning of the year and then we don’t take action now the thing is if you are in that situation where you know you had a plan you know you had the time etc. what went wrong why didn’t you take action I think it comes down to one of two things or maybe both things number one there could be that time crunch issue that sometimes we put something on our plate going back to the smart goal.