We’re going to be looking at income for 2020 from a combination of the sales of KDP, no content, and low content books on Amazon. And also from this YouTube channel. Now, the reason I’m doing this is not to tell you how well the business did in 2020, but giving you guys some idea of what’s possible when starting in creating an online business and also for those that are already publishing books to see what’s possible and what you can easily achieve with a sort of consistent work.

And also, I’m going to give you a general timeframe of how long it took me to get to this present situation. And when it comes to things like YouTube, I think you’ll be quite surprised. Now, 2020 has been an unusual year, to say the least, and has been a difficult year for many people, but for many who have online businesses, it’s actually been quite a good year. And that’s because people’s buying patterns have changed significantly due to the whole lockdown house, arresting more and more people have become converts to purchasing online. As a consequence, a lot of people have found sales, whether you’ve got a YouTube channel, a Shopify store you’re selling on Amazon eBay, or any other sort of online store, the sales of all of those have actually increased.

Online Business

So now is a pretty good time to get in if you’re on the fence about starting an online business. Hopefully, this video will get you moving in the right direction and give you some motivation to get started. And as I say, if you have already started to really push through, get those books published, or even start a YouTube channel. So how are we going to break this down is I’ll quickly go through the sales from this channel and how you can earn money from the YouTube channel. And then we’ll look at the KDP books. So we’ll go over to YouTube and see how much this channel earned in 2020. And as we can see here, the dollar amount is $8,330 and 32 cents. Now, this income comes from YouTube ads. There are many ways you can make money from a YouTube channel, the commonest being ads, affiliate sales, product sales, selling courses, which comes under the product sales really, and sponsorships. Now, this figure is from ads alone. And those are the ads that you normally see at the beginning of videos or during a video where you get the option to skip the ads.

If you so wish. Now, this channel got monetized at the beginning of May. It was actually May the first. So this is income. This is ad income over the last eight months. And that has slowly increased over that period of time. And December, the income from ads was a roundabout the, just under the $1,500 Mark. So that’s pretty good. When it comes to product sales, as I said, many people sell courses or products that they’ve created. And from this channel, you can see that I have this shop here, and it’s where I sell things like keywords, which are essential to getting your books found, on Amazon.

Free Resources Business

There are also some free resources on there, like lined paper, music, manuscript paper, and some keywords there, which are up for free. So if you’re interested in that sort of thing and getting your books ranked on Amazon, then go and check that out. Now the income from the Gumroad shop in 2020 was $4,042 and 31 cents. Now I get approximately 62% of that. And that figure came to $2,506 and 23 cents, which I’m very pleased about. Now, also on this channel, if you look in the description, there are some links to products that I use.

Now, these products are keyword research tools, which I use to get the keywords, to rank my books on Amazon and make those sales, and also, graphics packages mainly on Creative Fabrica, which sell fantastic interiors and graphics that you can use to create the covers of your books. Now, in 2020, my total income from affiliate sales was $6,134 and 38 cents. And again, income from these affiliate sales and the product sales started to come in around about June last year.

Purely Passive Online

So the income from that has been over approximately 6 to7 months. Now, I also want to mention another type of product sale that I did have, from Merch, selling things like hoodies, t-shirts, pop sockets on merch by Amazon, and the income from that whilst $271 and 28 cents. Now I haven’t produced any t-shirts or anything like that. Any Merch since the beginning of 2018. So that income is purely passive. Now with YouTube, is it passive? I’d call it probably sort of semi-passive. You’ve got to really keep feeding the beast by producing regular videos. Otherwise, views drop gradually over time. And obviously, the income from a channel would also drop.

So it’s not pure passive income. You’ve still got to keep putting in that work. Now quickly show you on this graph that we’ve got here, which shows the YouTube income, how that’s increased quite quickly until we get to about September and has then leveled off.

Final Words

Same for the affiliate income that sort of went up and then dipped and then went back up again. That’s just due to patterns in people’s buying, and product sales have been pretty consistent. Now the overall income from this channel in 2020 was $17,323 and 92 cents. So that’s income that I’ve had over the last eight months, which I think you probably would agree is pretty good. I mean, you’re starting from scratch. I mean, I started publishing videos at the start of the year.