Hello today, and we are doing well as good dollar channel mourners and congratulated on these Christmas dates to all of you relatives to your loved ones, etc., but what are you thinking about beautiful dates despite the pandemic well we are introducing? We are 4.6 percent a day. We already have ten thousand 736 accounts created here, and investors in a total invested withdrawn. Reinvested 79 million 823 thousand 521 coins, we have a roll of 4.6 percent Ellroy and up to 5% Roy variable from 1 to 5% we are at 4.6 percent. We are at this 4.6 percent because we already have 36 miles of land clicks here in this control of the triumph.

RIO Graph

We will see here trump pro terra x 36 million 105 thousand 821 coins when there are already 40 million attacks. This means that the daily ROI will be 5% when it reaches 50 million the daily king 0 to the 5 percent when it reaches 80 million the daily ROI will be 5% here we have your graph a beautiful graph that goes up grow to slowly step by step in abrupt movements and very very beautiful with everything on October 6, 2020, and we are on December 26, 2020, that is to say, there are 10 days later and in a contract that they presented to me I liked it a lot I fell in love with why

You have to fall in love with a contract and a serious project in which there is a rule here: the rule that when you make the withdrawal, 25 percent goes to the investments and subtracts capital from your invested capital. That Profit has already generated the lines, not like other projects that remain here, is never subtracted, it is always a sum for the sum, that is, when that index was withdrawn, 0 5% to your wallet and 25 percent is for investment, here we have capital withdrawal, which is not It is returning capital interest per second it is returning capital and interest per second I have to look like a reinvestment right now I this tomorrow investment action of 111 tx.

Requirement Level

I had seen it for each investment subject charge gas here from your wallet here he charges you for the first season here he charges you from here first straight back from here. Then the operation is done the reinvestment or withdrawal of the deposit first right from here your body you can’t later have here it was fine here there are 50 pilgrims boat a The trick is that if you have to and 50 I will be here, you want to invest 50 of this requirement, you tell me that you have no funds, if I do not have funds, the 50 is here, not because it is you who first the network of theaters can de la brocha, in the end, the throne charges you from here and then invests the 50 and if you can not use you can not interact with these contracts is that very well the first level.

I have loved ones the truth is that I am very happy for them one of which I am an author referred to in the second level team 4 hours had in the third level I have a referral and in the fourth level I have a reference I of these totals efe obtained of 2,608 trx in commissions and these years here this is going here very expensive to the capital is not going to q As in all the platforms that is known in all, it is always called here and it took me quickly through the commissions quickly and making the pages disappear that I have already seen too much with this system this is the ecosystem that I know in which it has a reinvestment meeting Automatic, that is, a car buyback more of it, you do the rector, I do not know of any contract project other than this one that has this marvel and I here and it was not available here, too bad I will go when I will do it with a 50 percent reinvestment, what not Assume here the active capital is our profit this these are added here this I do not know they do not add up in what you put it and then counter zuma this the reinvestment 50 percent well now we are going to follow some account calculations I am earning in he in this account of 7 x I have two.

Final Words

we are going to go to calculator 23 thousand 479 by 4.6 percent that is the ROI 1080 terra x gross per day to the cell that a video inversion between the 54 0 1 x 2 this these thousand 80 we do not take x 65% that we take to our wallet 810 so that the net internet called me even to our wallet for the value of Monterrey which is at 0 points 0 28 20.08 22.68 dollars in this account 30 x well let’s go to another account I have to have here is also good floor you it creates all the accounts that you want you to want to study are believed that communicates gredos one. The other for author refer you take the conditions.