– Today, I’m gonna share the five best camera accessories that you can get under $50 for your YouTube videos. You gotta press record. – Hey guys, my name is Nolan Molt with Think Media, and let’s jump right into this. So number one, this is not gonna be in any specific order, but number one, we have the Deity V-Lav Microphone. This is a fantastic microphone that you can clip onto your shirt or go under your shirt if you want to hide it, and it sounds amazing. And Omar on the Think team actually dropped a review about this mic. And it is the best mic you can get for under $50. That’s why it’s on this list. It is just automatically gonna up your audio game, and audio is so important when it comes to video. So for under 50 bucks, the fact that you can upgrade to this microphone is amazing. And actually, Alina, who is also on the Think team, has her own YouTube channel, all about fitness, and so if you are into that, you can subscribe to her.

But on her channel, she was recording straight onto her phone. And then she got this mic because it can plug into a phone or plug into a camera. And so you can hear the difference. I’m gonna show you here in a second from her phone to the V-Lav microphone. It’s crazy so check this out. – Hello and welcome back today. We’re going to do a 10-Minute Full-Body Workout with weights, but don’t worry about it if you don’t have weights. You can grab anything literally. Hey, hello, and welcome back to another video. In today’s video, we’re going to do an entire leg workout with the best exercises if you have bad knees or sensitive knees. – So you really see how much better this microphone can increase your audio. It’s definitely a must-have if you do not have a microphone yet. Up next, we have a Cleaning Kit. This is 30 bucks, and I have been using this for the past couple of years. I use this all the time to clean lenses, to clean filters, and it even has a sensor cleaning kit.

Best Mirrorless Camera

So if you shoot on a mirrorless camera, if you’ve ever noticed that your sensor gets dirty, a little piece of dust or something gets on it, when you’re outside shooting and bright sunlight, and you have the aperture like f/14 or something, you’re going to see black dots on the screen. That’s because your sensor is dirty. So you get one of these for 30 bucks, clean up your sensor, clean up your lenses, and I use this all the time. I always keep it in my camera back when I have shot because it’s just so nice to be able to clean it off. It comes with this, which is great for just getting that dust off the lens. Once you get all the dust off the lens, you can then spray it down and wipe it with your cloth. It also comes with this, which is good for dusting off the lens as well.

All these things are just great for getting things off of your lens without actually touching it. And then inside here, this is what you actually use to clean the sensor very lightly. Brush it on there. So I’ve done this many times. I’ve cleaned my sensor in front of 30 bucks. You cannot do that all by yourself. You’ve gotta pick this up. Up at number three, we have a Variable ND Filter. This is by K&F, allowing you to shoot outside in bright sunlight with a blurry background. So it’s basically sunglasses for your lens. You can darken it. You can brighten it. And this is going to control how much light is coming into your camera. So if you want to shoot at 1.8 or 2.0 or whatever you have on your lens, you can live with one of these. And that’s why I love an ND Filter, and I use an ND Filter anytime I’m shooting video outside.

So I put it on this list because I use it every time I’m outside. So if you definitely don’t have an ND filter and you’re shooting outside, a straightforward way to increase your video quality is by getting one of these. And all this stuff will be linked in the description below if you want to check it out. Now, if you’re not sure exactly what size to get, you can look on your lens. You can either Google it by going to bh.com, checking out the specs, and finding the thread size. Or you can actually look at your lens. So, for example, on this Canon lens, if you look at these numbers and letters around this ring, you can see that there is a 77 millimeter with that little diameter logo right there. This means you want to get that 77 millimeters ND Filter. But if you have another bigger lens, I always recommend getting an ND Filter for your largest biggest lens. And then you can get step-up rings.

Final Words

That will allow you to take that smaller lens and give it a bigger thread size. And then you can throw on the ND Filter onto all your lenses. So get one for the biggest, and then step-up rings. Those will be in the description below as well, and they’re very cheap. And so it’s going to save you money. Rather than getting a bunch of ND Filters, get one for your biggest lens. Before I get to these next two, make sure you like this video and then comment down below.